Friday, April 03, 2009

The Countdown Continues: Grade 1

Just a few more days till Opening Day! And just a few more grades till we reach 3-year old nursery school. First grade:
Switch the two kids at the top right and this thing is exactly symmetrical, left-right, male-female-wise, not including Mrs. Campbell. Anyway, you've seen everyone in this class, except for one boy, Bobby, and one girl, Kelly. Can you find them? I mean, can you find them, Rebecca?


Is Bobby the one in the green sweater?

Kelly is maybe the one standing in the back row with the navy blue sweater?
No and no.
How about third row, far right (blue striped shirt) for Bobby?

Kelly is in the second row, third from left (red dress)?
no, and Kelly's not in a red dress.
Yay! Kara is back! I am tired of being the lone fool here.

Kelly is the blond missing her two front teeth wearing white. Is Bobby the one in burgandy velour?

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