Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Contest Update

There hasn't been one run-total achieved by every single team yet. The closest is 2 runs. Every team but the Pirates has scored exactly two runs in a game so far this year.

Ryan's Twins have steamrolled into a second-place tie with three new totals in their last five games.

My cousin Kara's Dodgers have only one new total in their last nine games, after picking up seven in their first eleven. But she's not too worried about that, as she has just announced she's pregnant with her second child. Congrats, Kara.

AJM usually wins things around here, but his A's remain alone in dead last.

Mickey's Jays have dropped off, but they're still a good sleeper pick, as they've gotten 12 and 13 out of the way.

Liza's Marlins are still alone at the top--but they're playing today, and need either 7 or 9 runs in the ninth to pick up a new total. SoSock's Cards (taken with the second-to-last pick), Lee's Phillies, and Ryan's Twins look to join them at the top tonight.

Here are the full standings.


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