Friday, April 03, 2009


You know the Classic Jere weather pattern, or "ClaJe." This is when I plan an event months ahead of time and then carefully watch the long-term weather forecast and watch as it slowly becomes clear that my exact day is the worst of the 30 around it. Yesterday: 60 and sunny. Sunday: 60 and Sunday. The two days in between, on which I've got these two games at the new NYC ballparks: Rainy one day, 40-MPH winds the next, with temps in the 50s. Could be worse.... and also, please note that I have lots of good luck in lots of other areas of life, but in this one, I almost consistently get that exact day with the worst weather. Not much I can do about it.

Anyway, even in the rain, I did Providence to NYC in under 3 hours--hardly any traffic. Now we prepare to head out in the rain...good thing our seats are under cover tonight. Pics later.

And the rain forecast for Opening Day is all my fault. Sorry, everyone!
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