Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Burnin' Down The House

Kim and I feel lied to. By the talking heads on those music countdown shows. It's almost like they only say good things about the song so their comments would get on the air. I think the VH1 talking head world is a cutthroat one, with Jake Fogelnest regularly sabotaging Chris Jericho's wake-up calls and slipping mickeys to Michael Ian Black to be more likely to have his comments air. Ben Lee is hiring writers to come up with better comments and then rehearsing in the mirror beforehand. The Donnas seem to only exist in this world at this point.

And they're all lying to us. I just can't believe any of these people when they say they really loved that Key Largo song, or that some rap-metal guy was truly influenced by Ain't Nothin' Gonna Break My Stride.

Another thing about those countdowns: You know who I really feel bad for? Two-hit wonders. If you had three or more hits, you were probably pretty famous. If you had one, you live forever as a one-hit wonder. But having exactly two hits makes you a nobody, mentioned about as often as bands who never had a hit at all. (I also love how every one-hit wonder thinks they're the first to think of the line, "it's better than being a no-hit wonder!")

I'm having a lot of fun with the contest--the Jays had a chance to stay in first all alone, up 10-2 in the ninth, but just now, with two outs, they tacked on two more, and since they already have 12 and 13, won't be scoring tonight. So we've got them, the Cards, and the Mets in the lead, tied with 8 totals each. Nice job by Mickey, SoSock, and Lance.


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