Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Stranglers Get First Cheap Win At New Toilet

Just how they drew it up: Throwing error allows tying run to score from first, Jeter homer into the second row of the short porch for the go-ahead run. Cap it off with Mariano getting strike calls because the ump's in love with him, and that's your typical Yankee win. Good thing they've forgotten how to do it in October of late.

Michael Kay's call during the final batter: "and the greatest reliever of all time sets, here's the pitch."* Surely he was trying to make it so if that had been the last strike, his pompous-ass call would've made the highlight shows. If you say you "hate" both the Red Sox and Yanks, watch one Yankee game to remind yourself of the one and only evil in baseball. Wait, why I am talking to non-existent internet words on a screen-only 16-year olds who know nothing about baseball again?

I have to say, though, those empty theater-style seats behind home plate had suffered enough--they deserved a win today.

MLBtv looks really good--but I hate that it's a solid three minutes behind real time. Get it close, at least....

Update: The end of that game pissed me off so much I forgot about a key bright spot--Joba's start! 4.2 IP, 5 ER, 6 H, 5 BB.

*I'm actually not kidding about this

It was 7-0, it's tied at 8. NICE.
Yes. 8-8, mid 6th.

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