Sunday, April 12, 2009


Drew: throws to wrong base, pops out on first pitch against a pitcher who's wild in a key late rally, ends game by watching three strikes. Needless to say, terrible job. He did hit a dong early, but he does a great job of making you forget. Too bad we couldn't break through in this damn game.

A dude on the Royals hit a ground ball to the right side that went through Swisher's legs, and then through Cano's legs. And he got a hit for it! It turned out to be key, until a Royals error gave the Yanks the go-ahead run. But KC came back in the bottom of the eighth and held on for the W. Thank you Royals, for finally coming through in this series.

I cleaned up the contest page. No more bold/non-bold--just the totals each team has so far. A bunch of you are tied with six unique totals. The Royals finally didn't score either one or two runs today, but they still trail the pack with three.

I see Josh Beckett is in the "sleeve logo turned way counterclockwise" with Jason Bay. Those are the only ones I've noticed so far.

This brings up a question about JD's popout against Shields...

When a pitcher is wild, as a batter, do you take all the way like it's a 3-0 count, or are you looking for one particular pitch to hit, more like it's a 2-0 count.

When he swung at that first pitch, I couldn't believe it, but I think it was right down the pike, right where he'd want it.

Admittedly, he still didn't execute there, and the other points you make are valid, I'm just using that as a jumping off point for discussion.

If you're the manager, do you tell Drew to take all the way until Shields throws a strike, or do you let him look for one pitch to swing at, and everything else he'll let go by?
I feel like it should be thought of as a 3-0 count, essentially. If a guy's walked two in a row (in the fashion this guy did) and you're up, I say you absolutely have to make him throw a strike. As soon as you see that strike, then you're thinking like you would on 2-0. Something like that. That's how I feel about it.

I mean, he sure liked watching pitches the next time he was up.

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