Friday, April 24, 2009

100 Year Old Bat Boy

At Fenway on Saturday. And he's from CT.

Gabbo Gabbard is back, for cash from Texas:

To think he went for ring thief, Gagne';

To think that last season, all of us one evening at Game On Cafe', had a "Gagne' Blown Save Watch" going on;

On May 17th, there was a chant of "We Want Gagne'-NO You DON'T" chant at Fenway Park.
Hey Jere, I don't know if you caught this Wednesday night, but Kevin Millar got a walk-off hit against a Texas pitcher named O'Day. The twist was that since the pitcher had just been called up, he didn't have a uni with his name & was wearing Gabbard's shirt.

Pretty good philosophy; if you're gonna give up the game winning hit, don't let people know your name. Do you suppose that's the first time that's happened?
Yeah, that's funny--I know guys have had to wear the wrong uniform for various reasons, but probably not one with another player's name on the back.

It's funny, I've mentioned O'Day this month here. He played for the Mets in the Citi Field game I went to against the Sox. Here's the pic I posted of him on the mound.

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