Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You Kiddin' Me?

As you may remember, my original plan was to try to go to one each of the exhibition games at the new Yankee and new Mets' stadiums. With the key one being the Mets since they're playing the Sox. The Mets, I took care of. Today at 10, Yanks tix went on sale.

Ticketmaster is not my friend. I've mastered the Red Sox' system, but the Yanks go through TM, so I never know if I'm gonna get anything at all from them. But today, I went in right at 10, waited it out, and by 10:03, I was buying tickets. This is the game they decided to charge 1923 prices for--so I got four tix for a dollar and a dime each! Woohoo!

What really stanks about TM is if you want another game, you have to go back in and wait again. Which is what I'm doing now.... but seriously, three minutes? Terrible job, Yankee fans! You definitely should be beating out Red Sox fans for tix!

So now I'll go to one game at each stadium, for a total face value of $7.10.

Ooh, wait time down to one minute again....

Update: Eh, I didn't get any more. But I was trying for Sox games--I'm sure you could get a mid-week Twins game, the wait times aren't even that long. But I don't need to do something like that since the whole point of getting the Cubs game is to "see a game at the new stadium." I may try again tomorrow--that's when the phone sale starts and maybe they held some back just for that.

Which Mets-Sox game will you be at Jere? I'll be at Citi Field for Friday night, in the left field upper deck.
I'll shoot ya an e-mail about this...

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