Monday, March 23, 2009

Yankees Go Pepsi. Perfect.

You're either a Coke person or a Pepsi person. (With a few boths and neithers thrown in.) I've been Coke since day one. For a long time now, Coke has been the soda served at both Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium. This year, though, the Yanks are going the Pepsi route! I love it! The lines have been drawn, people. (Regardless, I pretty much just drink water these days....)

Here's the rest of the Yanks' new food stuff. I love Johnny Rockets' veggie burger, so hopefully they serve a full menu there. I see we're still lookin' at French's over Gulden's, too. Terrible job. A Hard Rock Cafe? Really? And I really hope the bar that serves mixed drinks is really far from those guys that sit in the bleachers.

They also mention there that gates will open three hours before games!


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