Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two More Free-Repeaters

A-Rod dated some whore while he was married. More of the usual from this classy Yankee.

Sox playing Phils--Beckett with three scoreless innings. Lowell with a two-run dong. 2-0 us after 3.

2:34: NYT showing a guy dunking, and acting like they play counted, which it didn't. The guy was fouled well before (as you can tell by the ref making the call and the defender facing the other way), and went and dank for the hell of it. Very misleading. The same picture with another misleading caption actually made their front page. Terrible job. That would be like showing a picture of Papi swinging in batting practice and captioning it "David Ortiz connects for a home run on Sunday at Fenway Park." Beckett: no runs in 5 IP.

3:10: 2-0 Sox after 7.

3:35: Sox win 3-0. Carter added a solo HR. Oka, Delca, Ba(rd) finished off the whitewash.

Hey Jere...Bard has been literally amazing! His ERA is still parked on a huge goose egg.
And it still is 0.00 after 1 1/3 innings yesterday to earn the save. I wish Paps was pitching like Bard. Good job by Daisuke and team Japan.

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