Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Them All

Nothing reflects more poorly on our society than the fact that we have two movies about mall cops out at the same time.

So I was looking at some MLB sites, finding new slogans (updates here), and I noticed that almost consistently, the game story on each site's front page shows a picture that doesn't correspond with its caption. I've seen this on the Red Sox site a few times--I didn't realize this was tradition, though. Where's the communication between caption writer and photo picker?

Sox vs. Devvies on this last day of March, 1:05 PM.

I agree with you on the mall cop thing. What is up with this movie-doubling phenomenon? The same thing has happened a few times recently, like with that pair of 1930s-era LA murder films. Or the pair of apocalyptic NY city films last winter. I know there have been a few more like this in recent years...
Maybe every movie idea gets leaked to the point where someone else quickly makes another to latch on.

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