Tuesday, March 31, 2009


3:52: Ram-Ram puts runners on the corners in the ninth, but gets out of it. We win, 8-7, after having been down 7-2. Nice.

3:33: Angel Chavez singles St. Nick home, 8-7 us.

3:29: Nick Green with a 2-run triple with 2 outs in the eighth! Tied at 7.

3:12: Varitek with a 3-run shot off Sonnanstine, 7-5 Rays, we go to the eighth.

2:27: We had a nice rally off Sonnanstine, 5-2 them after 4.5.


In the fourth inning, Buchholz gave up two balls that could've been easy outs, but went for two bases each. After each of those, he gave up a home run. So it's not as bad as it looks, but HH did give up two dongs. 5-0 TB in the fourth.

He was obviously due for some bad breaks with that miniscule ERA. Now the peeps who don't pay really pay attention won't feel as outraged when he ends up in Pawtucket. Bet you are looking forward to watching a lot of his starts this year!

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