Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sox/Reds/Profiles Of Killers

3:38: Sox win thanks to ninth inning, 2-run double by Aaron "RZA" Reza, who then tags out runner trying to steal second to end game. 2-1 final.

Buchholz has given up a hit and no walks through four against the Reds. Nice.

Anyway, when that Columbine thing happened, I went on AOL and searched "trench coat mafia" and came up with the member profiles of several of Eric and Dylan's buddies. I recently found the print-outs I made, and I forgot that I actually had found Harris himself:

The date on that page is 4/21/99, the day after the massacre. I just did an Internet search for similar things, and I found a few that are slightly different that this one, but you can tell it was written by the same person. So...there you have it. Isn't that scary?


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