Monday, March 30, 2009

Sox Win!

Okay, it's actually the ninth inning still, and we only lead 3-2, but I figured as long as the results don't matte, why not test the jinx universe to see if it's paying attention? Have a little fun with it?

Dice threw five solid innings, and Rocc'em Red-Sock'em Robot hit a 2-run homer. Dustin doubled in a run, too.

Update, 3:54: Hey! The jinx police were on their game! It really does work. Good to know.... Braves tie it in the 9th. (I have to admit, though, right after I wrote the original post I went to the boxscore and saw that Cabrera was starting the ninth for us, and I thought, Uh-oh, this game isn't over, and it has nothing to do with jinxes....)

Update, 4:09: Sox Lose! The jinx completely worked, but the Baseball Gods were the suckers today, forgetting the game is just an exhibition. Cox gave up two doubles in the bottom of the tenth to lose it. 4-3 Braves, final. I'll leave the post title as is so people reading later can get the full effect. By the way, the Yankees are definitely gonna win the World Series. Definitely!

oh definitely.

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