Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sox-O's/Yanks Tix

Update to the Yanks tix thing below: Okay, I read on their site where winners of the lottery can buy on March 23rd, and then the following day, tickets go on-sale to the general public.

3:51: Sox lose on walkoff homer.

Game update, 3:48: Vocal Sox fans at the Orioles' park help a 2-run rally in the 9th, and we're tied at 8.

Sox down 8-6 in the bottom of the 8th to Balty. Baldelli has two hits and two RBI, Bailey has a triple. Lowrie was the only thing close to a starter in the lineup. Not too much pitching for us today. Three-man booth: Castig, O'Brien, and Risch. I heard they had another (unrelated) Castiglione in the booth recently. Today Joe's talking about yet another Castiglione who's at the game today--a former ballplayer. Maybe every game all year they'll bring in a new Castiglione... Joe also just mentioned how he used to be a mailman in New Haven.

Slightly torn meniscus for Lugo. "Not a good report," says Joe.

I mentioned this in comments, but did you notice this sale the Yanks are having for tickets? It's lottery only, and if you win, you can buy a limited number of tickets during a 12-hour period to any game of the season. I would assume this is just a pre-sale, but there's no indication that this is anything but the way to buy Yankee tickets this year, other than packages. So this brings up an interesting point, because this is one way to curb the scalping agencies. Everybody who buys will have been pre-registered. The problem with this method, of course, is that if you aren't selected in the lottery, you have literally no chance of buying tickets from the team. It's hard to believe they'd do that, but with the new stadium and all, who knows how they have to do this. Maybe after the sale day for winners, they'll open it up to anybody on a future date. Anyway, I think the Red Sox should try something like this, but instead of it being a lottery, just have one big pre-registration period. If you're registered, you can buy when the tickets go on sale. Granted, the people who are buying just to re-sell could also register, but maybe this way you could have that person's name go on the ticket, and then check ID at the gate. Or figure out a way to do something like that without the game-day ID check. Or just add more turnstiles to make up for the extra wait time.

So if you want to go to Sox-Yanks at Eau de Toilette this season, go register at yankees dot com.


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