Monday, March 02, 2009


3:25: Sox lose, 5-3.

3:17: Woohoo! The O's announcer just made me very happy. He asked a trivia question and phrased it this way: "Who are the five players to have won a ROY and MVP within their first two seasons?" Perfect! Including Lynn and Ichiro into the category. (Of course, it's the three others who took two years to do it who should consider themselves lucky to be included in the club, but meanwhile we had to campaign to get Ichiro and Lynn "included" after Pedroia won MVP.) But you've heard me talk about that enough.... Orioles two-run dong by Donnie Murphy makes it 5-3, end 8th.

3:09: Lots of backups in for Boston. O's announcers joking about it as if it's the first spring training game they've ever done. 3-3 after 7.5.

3:04: Tied after 7. Have you ever seen snow that looks like rice? I haven't. Until today. These flake are like little rods. So weird.

2:57: Orioles radio station now airing an interview during the game. You can do that on TV, but on the radio, it means we miss the game. Do it between innings! Now it's over, and of course they come back to tell us we missed a home run. Ochoa tied it up, 3-3. Stretch time in Ft. Lauderdale.

2:52: 3-1 them after 6. Green with another hit to lead off the sixth!

2:48: 3-1 O's after 5.5.

2:37: Losing 3-1 after five. Bard just threw a perfect fifth. Masterson started, gave up no runs in two innings. Nick Green has knocked in our run--he's 6 for 12 on the spring so far.

Got about a foot of snow here in Providence. My car looked like Gumby, because the wind had blown the snow on the rook over to one side. Pics later. Red Sox playing Orioles, updates above.


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