Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sox-O's On MLB.tv

3:35: Sox lose, 5-1. O's announcers extremely optimistic, literally talking "dynasty."

3:22: 5-1 O's after 8. Lowell got a base hit in the 7th.

2:51: Really nice catch on a foul fly by Reddick, but a run scores on the play. 1-1. Oh, wait, Kris Johnson's bad inning continues, two-run double makes it 3-1 Orioles at stretch time.

2:26: Lowrie hits one off the wall that rolls away from the center fielder, and he tries for the inside-the-park HR! But is thrown out. Looked like he got the hand down before the catcher's tag, but you really can't tell on mlb.tv if he touched it--the catcher was doing a nice blocking job. Next pitch, Ochoa hits one to the same spot, but it's caught. 1-0 after 5. And Kris Johnson pitches a 1-2-3 sixth for us.

2:21: Lowell looked pretty bad in his two ABs. D. Bard allows two to reach, but gets out of the 5th. 1-0 Boston.

2:02: Papelbon in for the fourth, gets the first two, then our favorite Oriole, Red Sox fan Nick Markakis, hit a shot to right that Drew maybe could have caught but it was just over his glove, bouncing on the track for a triple. Then Pap got the last guy on a weak grounder. Still 1-0 Sox.

1:46: Three no-hit innings for Buchholz. 1-0 us. Orioles announcer says "Fenway Park is a much easier park to homer in than Camden Yards." Other guy agrees. I wonder how he explains Camden's 2.55 HR/game last year as compared to Fenway's 1.81.

1:36: Despite what local radio stations just told you, it's not 2-0 Sox, it's 1-0. What looked like a Rocco two-run double was ruled a ground rule double, with the second runner forced to stop at third. 2-0 us in the second.


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