Monday, March 09, 2009

Sox Beating Bucs (Not Anymore) (Now They Are Again)

Wilkerson grand slam, Bard HR, and super-springer Nick Green with a dong = 8 early runs. Lester did fairly well, and the Sox currently lead 8-1. My new Yankee Stadium pics coming soon.

Update, 3:!0: Some of Lester's runners came around to score after he left, so he ended up giving up four earned in 2.3 IP, but it wasn't that bad. 8-5 Sox after 4.

Update, 4:43: Sox up 14-12, bottom of the ninth.

4:48: Pirates tie it at 14!

4:49: I don't know who these announcers are, but I don't feel like they have any background in broadcasting or journalism. And I've only been listening for five minutes. It's almost like one guy doesn't know they're on the air. And the other guy thinks making a grunting noise somehow lets the listener what's going on. It's almost like they're purposely making a mockery of the profession of radio broadcasting to see if anyone notices. We go to the tenth, 14-14.

5:00: The call: One guy: "Uh oh." Other guy: "Uh oh." Embarrassing. I know it's spring training, but I get the feeling they're like this all the time. Anyway, eventually they told us it was a double knocking in a run. 15-14 Sox in the top of the tenth.

5:17: Sox win, 15-14, paid announcers act like all they ever wanted in the world was for the game to end so they could go home. In Florida! We need to weed out the dinosaurs, people....

Their comments at the beginning of the broadcast make me think that they're the regular Pirates guys. They were talking about how Pirates pitchers always gave up runs in the early innings so "we" were always rallying.

Their familiarity with the Pirates suggest this is their regular team. I stopped listening when they started talking about college basketball instead of the game.
They seem to think we can see the game, so they don't need to say what's going on, instead just bantering with each other, not worrying about talking over each other, or the fact that they're unapologetically rooting for one side.

I'm fine with joking around because it's spring, but these guys are just horrible. I have to do a post about baseball announcers.

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