Thursday, March 19, 2009

Soap-ening Day

Kim made up some Opening Day soap that smells like fresh cut grass. Get it here. My proposed name of "Soap-ening Day" was turned down....

In other family news, my mom saw an article in the New York Times in which the author talked about the baseball talent "hidden" in Cuba and how the "best chance barring defection" for the world to see it is the WBC. She wrote a letter to the editor noting that the talent is hidden because of the embargo, and the best chance of the world seeing the players would be if the U.S. lifts the embargo! We'll see if they print it. For more on the dirty business of ballplayer smuggling, read our book.

Awesome! I think I'm going to love this new soap. And I also love the name "Soapening Day". There must be a really great name on the horizon if that was turned down. : )
By the way, have any of your name ideas been chosen?
I believe "Bad Seed" for an apple-related product was mine, and maybe some others.

I think she's just stickin' with "Opening Day" for this one, though.

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