Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smarch Sbaseball

Update, 10:19: Holy crap. Crazy finish! Top 11, with two outs, the Dutch right fielder misses a catchable ball and it rolls to the wall, runner comes around to score the first run of the game. Bottom 11, Netherlands gets the first guy on, and gets him in on a bloop hit to tie it at 1. That guy goes to third on a pick-off throw gone awry. And with two outs, a liner to first, off the guy's glove into foul territory. Guy gets it and throws to the picther covering, but it's just too late, and the Netherlands wins! (Though the camera cut to the guy crossing home and we miss the key play at first, but the announcer tells us he's safe.) Amazing. 2-1 Netherlands, final. The Dutch beat the Dominicans twice, and they move on to the next round.

Update, 9:49: 10 innings complete, still scoreless.

Update, 9:20 PM: Netherlands batting in the bottom of the ninth in 0-0 game with DR!


How cool is it to watch a team with Pedro and Papi on it? Pedro just struck out Dirk Van't Klooster. I think that's Dutch for Chuck Klosterman. I also checked out T-Joba on mlb.tv. It's almost as if some of his weight transferred over to Pedro's body. Anyway, he gave up a run on three hits in three innings. Pretty good March day when you can watch the Sox, the Yanks, and Papi and Pedro.

I was just hoping they'd tape Petey to the pole in the dugout, Jere.
Coincidences abound: you send this comment, as AJM sends in a guess of Pedro's # on the last Kwiz, which happens to be right. And I went to the pole-tape game...with my friend Gumby who I'm talking to on Skype right now!

We were actually right behind the dugout, and the crowd was all acting up, but we couldn't see it! We heard people saying "tied to a pole," and finally we called my parents from Gumby's crazy new gadget--a cell phone! They told us what had happened. So I'm always on the lookout for a wide shot of that event, as we may be in it, above the dugout. (It was toward the end of the game and we'd moved down.) (I think that was Gumby's only Fenway trip.)

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