Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This year's season ticket shipment is coming through US Mail. Seems like it's been DHL every other year since '05, and FedEx in '04, when I started my 10-game plan. I guess the DHL MLB campaign is over--remember the Kenny Lofton commercial?

Also as a season-ticket holder (10 games in the bleachers, average Joe-style, not 81 games in the field boxes since '62, rich people from Beacon Hill-style), I always get first shot at the concert at Fenway. Every year I hope against hope it's some band I don't hate. Just got the letter today--Dave Matthews is back in '09. Boooo. It's never gonna be an Assuck reunion, man! It's almost like they're going out of their way to not ask them!

Anyway, I wish I could trade that little perk for some of the ones I don't get. Sometimes there will be things that only season ticket holders can do that I can't do since I'm really only a 1/8th-ish season ticket holder. You know, like pay a discounted rate for my tickets. Why can't I get that perk?


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