Monday, March 23, 2009

Schilling Claims Done-ness

Curt Schilling has officially retired. Of course, you never know with these retirement announcements. So I'll save the tribute for another year or two. He announced the retirement on his blog, which would have been so cool had he kept his original, independent blog. Instead, it's just another athlete saying something through the media. I still don't know why he felt the need to join EEI (especially since he once claimed he never would so something like that). Did he need more money? Did he feel people couldn't find his blog? What other reasons would there be? It also shows us that as much as celebrities seem to be "just like us" in this electronic world, they can always just skip right out of their (insert current bullshit pre-packaged social time-wasting site here) account and just have their minions do the work for them. I envision a future with much more accessibility to "stars," as they will have grown up on the Internet with the rest us, but they'll always know they can be on that "higher" level with a click of a (insert current show-off handheld device here).

Red Sox vs. somebody, 1:05.

But he'll be missed, bigtime.
Well, he's been missed for a year and a half already. I think he'll give it another try next spring for some team.

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