Thursday, March 05, 2009

A-Rod Saga Number Something, Part Something

The Yanks have a lot of very expensive seats still for sale at Eau de Toilette. I think that's the reason Cashman's saying that A-Rod might just play the season injured and get the surgery he needs at the end. He wasn't about to come out and say, "Yes, this news from A-Rod's brother is true, he'll get surgery right now, and when you're in your 25,000-dollar seat on Opening Day, he won't be there."

Whatever they decided works for me. If he gets the surgery now, he'll miss a good chunk of season and be back right when the pressure's on. If they have him play hurt, he may shit the bed all year long, affecting their offense. Whatever he does, well, I'm sure he'll do it with lying, severe self-esteem problems, and an awkward smirk. And newly invented relatives.


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