Wednesday, March 18, 2009


By now you've probably heard of Japanese star pitcher/super-celeb Yu Darvish. One day soon, he may be over here, playing for an MLB team. I'm not too sure of how the first/last name thing works in Japan. Sometimes Asian players in the U.S. have what we think of as their "first" name on the back of their jersey. Yu Darvish is Iranian on his father's side, and his last name was Darvishsefad, so I'm pretty sure Darvish is the equivalent of what we consider the family or last name. But what if "Yu" ends up on the back of his jersey if he plays here? What if it's considered the "last" name?

I'll tell you what: Don Wert will lose his title!

Look down at your keyboard. Don WERT is the only player in major league history to have a last name that's spelled out on a standard typewriter/keyboard. YU would be another! Watch out, Don Wert, your title may be in jeopardy! It's interesting that both names sit right beside each other, though. WERTYU. Hopefully the two can live in harmony as their keyboard brethren do.

(Something that I find incredible is that I thought of this one day while looking at my keyboard for possible WERT challengers. I typed a few into Baseball Reference, like Io and Ty, before realizing Yu was probably the best chance. I went to a Japanese baseball site and noticed there was a Yu. Little did I know he was the best pitcher in the whole country, and big long articles had already been written about him and how he's coveted by U.S. teams. So the fact that Darvish pitched in the WBC game I watched last night really has nothing to do with this. I'd be doing this same post if Yu was just an average player the world didn't know about.)

What about John Asdfghj?
Damn! He blows the whole theory out of the water! Wasn't he Don Jkl's personal catcher?

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