Friday, March 20, 2009

Play Against A Pirate Day

Drew injury update: X-rays negative. Nice.


Well, this game wasn't on GD Audio after all. They did have right up there on the front page of a big thing that said "listen live at 1:05 PM as the Red Sox take on the Pirates," but they took it down just before the game. (And I didn't fall for that one link that's below the teaser for every game that says "listen to live action in Gameday Audio"--this was blatant advertising for something that was never gonna happen, as it wasn't on the schedule.)

So Double-H had a nice day, not giving up an earned run. Pedroia came back and had no problems. Varitek had a dong. But Papelbon shat the bed a little, and Drew got hit by a pitch and is currently listening to X-Ray Spex, if you will. We're up 6-4 in the 7th. Now 9-4 as Chip Ambres adds a two-run homer. And the last update: 11-4 final.


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