Friday, March 06, 2009

Old Games On DVD

I'm always wondering about TV-38 games, since NESN only shows old games that they broadcast. The other day, I noticed something in the "A-to-Z Guide" on that said you can "request a video copy of a game," with nothing more specific than that. I wrote to the e-mail address shown, and 10 short days later, they wrote back:

"We are permitted to sell DVD copies of games for $100 each. We have most games from 1986-2008."

Do I get a tote bag with my donation?'s good to know the TV-38 games probably exist, unless "most games" just comes from the fact that over that whole period, "most" of the games have been shown on NESN. I guess I'll write back and ask...

...about these $100 games that I, or no one else, will ever buy. Think about $25, Red Sox!

Red Sox vs. Marlins on Gameday Audio right now. Marlins feed = Geffner. If anything crazy happens, I'll update below.

2:00: Daeges dong has us up 2-zip. Beckett went three, no runs allowed.

2:57: Okajima didn't do so well. Marlins tied it at two. But Bailey knocked in two with a double, and Lowrie knocked in another with a double of his own. 5-2 Sox after 5.

3:15: Gameday Audio goes kerflooey. Either that or Geffner shorted out. There's just a god-awful buzzing tone. But it's still 5-2 from what I understand...

3:58: Sox win 5-3. Mills with two perfect innings to close Florida out.


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