Monday, March 16, 2009

My Take On All Of This

"He could have gotten hurt even worse if he were here in spring training instead of at the World Baseball Classic."

And the 8-year old who drove her motorcycle through a blizzard to the crack house could have gotten hit by lightning if she'd stayed home in the yard.

Sox-Jays at 1:05.

Update, 1:42: We're knocking Halladay around. Six hits so far and we're only in the third. Lowrie with an RBI double and a solo dong. Bailey also with a longball. Masterson has given up two early runs in his first game since me making him my avatar and proclaiming him my new favorite player. 3-2 Sox after 2.5.

4:15: Carter adds a dong, Sox win 6-4.

Off topic... but move over, Jhonny Peralta: Jhoulys Chacin may be the new "tpo dgo" in the goofy name department.
How do you pronounce that?
Nobody's sure. The options seem to be "joo-leez", "yo-lees", and "yo-liss".

He probably has a basenji (brakless dgo).
Whoa, that's worse than Asdrubal!

No, wait, it's not.

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