Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Ad Wizard Stuff

Crap! This post was supposed to go up this morning. I messed up AM/PM!

Have you seen the TV spots for "kgb"? This is a service where you can text them with a question and they'll answer it. A little late, as we've all got the Internet--this service would have ruled in, like, '89, were I able to call a number and have any question answered for me without having to use the Dewey Decimal System.

Anyway, one of these ads has a woman using the system because her husband can't quite remember the name of the Red Sox' first baseman from 1986, who had the ball roll through his legs. How stupid is that? If you're a baseball fan, of any team, you know Buckner's name. If you're not a fan, you don't even know the moment in question. I mean, you're hanging out with your wife and friends, and none of you know Bill Buckner's name, yet you're all having a conversation about a specific moment from a World Series? And these people are older than I am! Terrible job by kgb.

I picked all the 12-seeds this year. Not on purpose. Three won. Nice job by me. Terrible job by CBS who cut away from a game literally while the potential game-winning shot was in the air. Terrible job by me losing the Yanks' ticket lottery. I'll have to wait for the general public sale on Tuesday, but I don't see very many tickets being left by then.... Red Sox on NESN, 1:05.


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