Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lucky 7

Another one of these deals where there are new seats released, but only for one game. RF Roof Deck SRO, for July 7th. These are the ones on the Bud Deck with that bar, not the new SRO behind the RF Roof boxes. (It even says "Bud Deck" on the ticketing page, which is weird to me, as is seeing "Coke Deck." So if you don't see the word "Bud," those tix are gone.) I'm not grabbing these, but I figured I'd let you know if you're a fan of that Roof Deck. There seem to be exactly two available. Weird that any of these went on sale at all, considering the sale for winners of the RF Roof lottery is this coming Saturday. Maybe it's some kind of test sale or something....

Sox vs. Puerto Rico today.


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