Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kwiz 18 & Life

Former Tiger and Pirate Red Oldham held what distinction from August 19th, 1914 to September 18th, 1932? (The player who took over this distinction still holds it today.)

Red Oldham had the highest MLB BA
from a player born in a city/town named Zion.
Until fellow Zion-er Danny Musser went 1 for 2 in his only MLB game in 1932, retiring with a career BA of .500?
Be the latest active major leaguer to be born in Zion.
Well he was born in Zion. And Musser, from a different Zion, is the guy who currently holds the distinction, but neither of you got what I'm looking for.
The last player to play in the majors with tequila in his heartbeat and his veins burning gasoline?
Y'know I always thought it was "his face burned gasoline"? Your way makes more sense.
Play while Harry Heilmann was an active Major Leaguer

And I should point out that anyone with less than 2.15 points is eliminated from winning first place. But you can still get second.
Played in the least amount of games in their rookie season?
Advance to the major leagues after debuting professionally with the York White Roses.
Just a stab in the dark from someone who can only play the role of spoiler -
Oldham would have been last in a list of "players by hometown - alphabetical" until Musser played his 1 game.
AJM: No.

SoSock: Yes!!!!!

Zion, PA is the last hometown alphabetically of any player. The two other Zions are in states above PA on the list--IL and MD. So Oldham held that distinction until a guy from Zion, PA came along....

Nice job.
Mike, AJM, pweezil, .2

Matty, .1

Sosock, 5.3

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