Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Interview (And Sox-Reds, Yanks-USA)

Here's part one of the interview my mom and I did with John Valeri, Hartford Book Examiner.

Lester facing the Reds right now. 0-0 after one.

Update, 2:57: Sox down 4-2 after five, but Lester and Okajima had strong outings. Awesome David Lee Roth sampler-thing here, thanks to Joy of Sox. Team USA playing the Yanks--MLBNet picking up the Yes feed, so, terribly, the world is stuck with Michael Kay. 6-1 USA in the sixth. And Kevin Cash is catching for the Yanks. Pedroia up for the states--weird to see him in this uniform--and he goes down swinging on a really bad swing. I'm updating down the page today. (Updating posts are always awkward no matter how you write them....)

3:21: Wes Littleton gave up a grand slam to Jonny Gomes. 9-2 Reds. Lowrie has a double for us. USA now up 6-4 over the Yanks.

3:45: McAnulty and Carter went back to back. 9-5 Reds in the 8th. Tazawa and Delcarmen pitched scoreless innings. Yanks stills down 6-4 in the 9th to USA. Youk knocked in two earlier.

3:50: Other Sox update: Bay walked twice and scored in Canada's game against the Jays. He was replaced in center field by non other than Adam Stern, who has struck out in both of his at bats. Papi has a run-scoring single in three at bats for the DR, who are kicking some Marlin tail. Old friend Lenny DiNardo has thrown a scoreless frame for Italy, who trails the Nats 6-5.

4:00: Wagner 2-run dong for us. 9-7, bottom 8.

4:15: Sox cut it to 9-8. Yanks lose 6-5.

4:27: Sox lose, 9-8.


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