Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Thirty Years, Josh Bard's Son Is Gonna Kill Us

Poor Josh Bard. The guy gets famously dumped in favor of Mirabelli, unable to do the difficult task of catching a ball that even its thrower knows not where it will go. Then we call him back, everybody supports him in his second attempt, and after only a few tries, he gets canned again!

So will the young movie star Kottaras be Wakefield's guy? Dusty Brown? Have they got some trade for one of those coveted Texas catchers in the works? Will they take my suggestion and get Providence's Chris Iannetta from Colorado? Will Jessica find out about Eunice's affair with Dutch? Or will the team bus's break line have been cut by Bard before you even read this, making it all moot?

JS at BH once said Kottaras just ain't right. I tend to trust her over some crappy sportswriter, so we've got that to worry about. Hopefully he can wipe that sourpuss off his face and learn the hardest thing any catcher has to do.


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