Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hope You Remembered To Wear White

3:52: Red Sox win 9-5, with Tazawa pitching the final two frames. 9-5.

3:30: 9-5 after 7. Saito, Okajima, and Pap have all thrown an inning.

3:10: 9-4 us after 6.

2:31: That batter's eye in center has to be 30 feet high. Bay hit one over it. 8-3 Green Sox after 4.

2:22: The third lefty homer over the right field fence. Jacoby this time, and it's 6-3 us in the 4th.

2:17: Papi with a big dong. 4-3 us after 3.5. Beckett got a 1-2-3 inning in the third and fourth. Twisted his ankle slightly fielding a bunt, but remained in the game.

1:52: Varitek hits a homer with his new lefty swing that reminds me of Roy Hobbs'. And he is indeed wearing red socks. 3-2 Twins in the 2nd. Beckett has done a fine job. His line will NOT reflect this, though. He kept giving up cheap hit after cheap hit in a neverending top of the second.

This game's on NESN. The Red Sox aren't decked out in the usual tacky green unis. Instead, it's all white with green lettering and numbers, with the green hats. They also have green bases--you know what "fondant" is? You watch Ace of Cakes? That's what they remind me of. I hope they hold up and they don't need to bring that emergency fondant surgery guy in.

There's a leprechaun in the dugout, played by a child. Don claims it was some other players who put Pedroia's "15" on the small fry's back. [Correction: It's a "little person," and he's now in the booth--said Papi put the 15 on there.]

It's always weird to see the red mixed with the green--they don't make separate pants for this so you have red piping on there, plus all the red wristbands, batting gloves, undershirts, etc. I haven't seen any pulled-up socks--I gotta figure those are red, too.

Beckett is on the mound. I noticed Rob Bradford's shit-stirring article about him being the "other ace." That's the type of thing where if you want to start a debate, fine, but you don't come out and act like anyone but Beckett is the ace and that everyone has already moved to that thinking. No offense to the great Jon Lester.

But we are talking about someone who wrote this line in his intro piece at everybody's favorite sexist radio station:

"ending up on most historians lists as the worst of our Commander and Chiefs."

It's "commander-in-chief." The plural of which would be commanders-in-chief. And "historians lists" requires an apostrophe after the s. I like Bradford overall, but he's fair game to pick on, as is anyone who joins up with that station. Except Cyn.


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