Thursday, March 05, 2009


The good news is they just released a lot of side-by-side bleacher seats, mainly late/early season. I also saw some side-by-side infield grandstand. Too bad almost all the weekend games have come off the board entirely, but they could go back up.

The bad news is Charlie Zink's 7th inning against Puerto Rico just now: Single, wild pitch, hit by pitch, walk, walk, single, walk. 4 runs, all earned, in 0 innings pitched. 9-5 PR, bottom 7.

Update, 3:36: Sox lose 9-5. Pap, HuJo, and Bard didn't give up any runs in their outings. Wilkerson had a dong.

Update to the GN side of things: Terible Job-a Chamberlain did even worse than Zink today. No outs recorded, five runs given up against team Canada.

The article on their game said that the bullpen "picked up" Joba. He gave up 5 runs, and they lost 6-0. I was under the impression the term "picks up their teammate" implied that others overcame one guy's mistakes in order to win a game. Not just to replace them and then do better, but still lose. Am I wrong?

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