Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Countdown Continues: Grade 4

Ah, fourth grade. I should be pretty easy to find. But can you find....the kid who wore a blue suit on the first day of middle school? the kid who used to throw hamburgers against the cafeteria wall to see if they bounce? the girl who wanted to be a movie critic when she grew up? the new girl from Belgium? the kid who got pissed when we ruined his birthday party by making fun of his Dungeons & Dragons game and calling another friend of his "Fat Jack"? the kid whose house I saw Tron and played Lock & Chase at? the kid who mistakenly said during his current events report that after Pete Rose broke the all-time hit record, the game was stopped for seven seconds? the girl who I saw at the theater when I went to see Splash?


Who came up with this super-awkward class configuration for the photo? Seriously BAD. That main row looks like a tight sqeeeze, too. Did John wear the same red shirt for the class pic two years running, or did his mom just think he looked great in red? And who's the girl next to you, Jere? She looks much more like me than those other two girls in your 5th grade class.

Ok, let's get down to business: The kid who wore a blue suit to middle school was the one in the red striped shirt, last one seated in bottom row next to John. Burger pitcher was the one in the red fleece vest. I could go a lot of different routes on the movie critic, but I'm taking a chance on the mullet girl in the white sweater vest; she looks like she needs to put something down. New girl from Belgium is the blond with braids- I almost went with the girl in the doggie sweater here. I think the kid all the way to the right in the top row would be most likely to play D&D at his birthday party. Going with Casey for the Tron showing and Lock & Chase, whatever that is... that's Casey in the back row with the Olympics jacket on, right? For the kid who messed up on his current events report, I'm picking the one sitting on the floor... no not Jon, the one on the right. Wish I knew how you felt about running into that girl in the theater when you went to see Splash. In itself that is just a time/place anomaly that could be anyone. I'm going to hold off on that one and request more information.
Okay, you got one very much correct--it was Arias in the red fleece who threw the burgers.

Other than that, well, you don't even have ME right!

As for Splash--I was mortified! She was there, and I was with my parents. Another clue has to do with the movie itself.
ah, man! how could you not be that kid with the jere-patented disinterested sneer? ok, you must be the guy in the olympics sheatshirt then.

I'll go back to the girl in the braids for Splash... I guess she looks a little like Daryl Hannah.

I'll guess again for the rest after someone else steps up to the plate.
It's actually just a regular long sleeve shirt with an olympics patch on it.

Yes, Splash was Megan with the braids. It's funny how you thought I was Casey--my friend Mike's friend Glen has called me Casey before, confusing us. I thought initially you were making a joke about Pat, referring to him as "a girl who looks more like you" since he's the only one next to me, who you thought was Casey.

Oh, and John--he was always goin' around wearing that same shirt.
Love these pictures!

I'm going to guess that the blue suit guy is in the back row on the right.

The new girl from Belgium is the small, seated one in the middle row directly behind the sign.

Movie critic girl is the one in front of your left arm.

D&D boy is seated with the navy and white striped shirt in the squished row, 6 kids in from l-r.

Pete Rose kid is on the bottom left holding the sign.

Tron boy is bottom right holding the sign.
Kara emerges as a rising star in this contest!

Blue suit guy..ding! Michael, to right.

Belgian girl...ding! Kirsten, right in middle.

Pete Rose kid...ding! Bottom left--Jon. The clue there was that it had to be someone from my fifth grade class, as that's when the Rose hit happened.

Wrong on your other three...
Rebecca's guesses helped me a lot because she ruled out some of the obvious ones that I would have guessed, too.

So, who's left? Tron boy; D&D boy; and Move critic girl?

New guesses:
Tron boy- kid in the right shirt that I think you called Jon?
D&D boy- the kid next to you?
movie critic- girl with the dog sweater?
I'll just tell you...

Tron is Marc, second from right, middle--he's also the one Casey may have been imitating in Grade 5.

D&D: Bottom right, however, your guess is Pat, and he and I are who I meant by "we," referring to the arty with D&D.

The Critic is not the thumbsucker, but Sara, red-head at far left, seated.
tj. I was sitting here, waiting for your answers and was going to come back and clean up. I would've guessed correctly.
I'm about ready to put the next one up!

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