Monday, March 30, 2009

The Countdown Continues: Grade 3

Opening Day is getting closer! I give you...third grade:
I still look the same--but can you also find...the girl whose essay was so bad, the teacher ripped it up and sprinkled the pieces on her head? The girl we nicknamed Ana the Unicorn? A kid who hit a home run off me (over the wall) in Little League a few years later? The girl with a sister named "Sunny Jean"? The kid whose family put a "Go Mets" sign to rebut their neighbor's "Go Red Sox" sign during the '86 Series? The kid who later smoked in high school and would actually do the "Schneider" method of rolling the pack into his sleeve on his shoulder? The kid who gave a TOOTHBRUSH as his grab bag gift one Christmas--which I picked!? The girl who got walked in on in the bathroom--by the toothbrush kid?


I'd like to go with you, front & center, Jere, but based on the 4th grade pic I'm thinking maybe the one kneeling to the right of the sign? There is too much shadow on the face; I cannot tell. I don't know why you think you're so easy to pick out.

Bad writer? Most teachers would only do this to a secure kid, so I'm picking the prettiest girl I see here, the redhead 2nd from right,seated.

Ana the Unicorn is the one kneeling to the left of the sign.

HR hitter? I was going to flatter Pat with that one, but instead I've decided to dub him "Schneider." The kid seated all the way to the right was the slugger.

Sunny Jean's sister is the other redhead with pigtails, 2nd from left in back.

The Mets fan was John, 2nd from right in the middle.

The guy all the way to the left in the middle row walked in on ... the girl in the middle of the back row.
Yes, I'm right of sign seated.

Yes, Brendan seated at far right was a powerful hitter.

I guess Pat probably pulled the Schneider as a joke a few times, but not who I'm looking for.

The kid second from right in middle is NOT John or Jon.

Yes, Raffe walked in, but on a different girl.

The rest, you got wrong.
Bummer, no one else is guessing. Whatsa matter with you people? Afraid to fail? Oh well, I guess I'll take another stab at it.

I'll take that girl next to Raffe in the silly bow-tie for the bad essay. Juli(ana) the Unicorn is to her left. Sunny Jean's sis is the one on the other side of Ana.

The Mets fan is at the top left, Schneider is seated front & center... one of those two is Casey, can't figure out which.

Raffe walked in on... the girl in the pink dress.
I keep forgetting to subscribe to this post.
Casey is a Mets fan, but not the one I was talking about with the sign. YOu did nail Schneider though, Steve, right in the middle.

You think Juliana is in this class but she's not.

You've added no more correct answers.

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