Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Countdown Begins: Grade 5

Here's what we're gonna do. Every two days or so, I'll show you one of my class pictures. I'll start with 5th grade and go all the way down to three-year old nursery school. So the younger I get, the closer we'll be to baseball season. We begin with 5th grade:

Can you pick me out? Can you find...the British import? the kid whose name had been "Gay" but changed it, citing a re-marriage by his mom? the new girl who I had a crush on? the kid I made a massive papier mache shark with in art class? the thumbsucker? the kid who terribly didn't like the Dire Straits "Walk of Life" video with all the sports bloopers, despite being a teammate of mine on the Rotary Little League team? the kid who nicknamed one of the urinals "Power Pisser"?


You're the fella in the middle row with the striped shirt. I think that's the only guess I'd like to make...
Ha. Yes, that's me. The one whose eyes are closed...
Definitely had you pegged. I'll go with the indian guy (2nd in back row) for the british import. Mr. Gay might be the one in the blue all the way to the left in the middle row. For the new girl I'm going with the one in the red sweater, all the way to the right, bottom row. Your paper mache accomplice is sitting next to her in the blue. Thumbsucker is the girl in the pink sweater. The anti-sports bloopers kid is the one with Mick Jagger lips, third from left in the middle row. Power pisser is the guy in blue in the back row for sure. Ok, not for sure. I'm not sure about any of these, but it sure was fun guessing. How did I do?
Amazing. Very accurate.

I should've known you'd know my taste in 5th grade women--you got her, Carrie who we called "Plymouth" due to her report on Plymouth Rock right when she arrived, at bottom right. The next year, we went to middle school, and I was psyched she was on the list for my homeroom--but she went to freakin' Wooster School instead. Never saw her again.

You also nailed "Power Pisser," Tony, in blue in the back row, though Chris (shout out to his mom, Debbie, who sometimes reads this blog!), two over from Tony, had a hand in the urinal nicknaming. One of the other urinals was "Freddie," but I forget the third.

Nice try going with Probahan for the British kid. He was just an Indian kid who came from Houston, I believe. Either that or he moved to Houston. Anyway, it was Christopher Charlesworth, second from right in the middle row, who came over from the UK. How's that for a British name?

The former Gay--you were off by one, it's the kid in blue with white sleeves, second from left, middle row.

Papier mache friend was John, red shirt on right. Your guess is Jon, who I'm still in touch with.

Thumbsucker is the one you were furthest off on, and ironically, I recently figured out that you remind me of her--top right--kinda looks like you right? Maybe?

Anti-sports bloopers was Doug, next to me in dark red. Your guess is another person I'm still in touch with, Casey. I don't know why he was making the Mick Jagger face. You'll see in the other photos he didn't usually look like that, though another kid, Marc, always made that face. In fact, I wouldn't put it past Casey to have been mocking Marc's look, as it was a much-discussed topic back then.

I loved your confidence on the Power Pisser guess!
You shouldn't have given away all the answers, just the ones I got right. Maybe other people would have wanted a crack at it. The real Brit and Mr. Gay were both close seconds for me.

That's funny that I remind you of that girl! I was a closet thumb-sucker til 3rd grade. Yes, I just admitted that. The girl I guessed looks more like me back then- I was skinny as a rail before I hit puberty in 6th. And awkward.
Believe you me, in my dream world, I keep this up for a week and hundreds of people take deeply-researched guesses, even trying to secretly contact my friends in attempt to get the answers. But I have to be realistic about this--nobody else was gonna guess.

But there are...7 pictures left. On the next one, I'll leave the questions open and only reveal answers when someone gets it.

That's crazy that the thumbsucker reminded me of you and you were one, too. I think she sucked till at least 4th.

I just Googled her name. Here she is--I see she's still a horse-rider.
And what is up with the corny dresses these girls are wearing... this was 1986, not '76 right? The little-house-on-the-prairie getup in the bottom row reminds me of the matching calico dresses my mom would make for me and my sisters to wear to church.
Picture day: all bets are off.

I like how the home plate of the baseball field is visible at far right.

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