Monday, March 09, 2009

Chillin' At The Shack

I visited Chan in NYC this weekend, and stopped at Yankee Stadium(s) on the way home. I'll post some pictures on Monday afternoon.

Chan coined a new phrase, saying that I have "jingle Tourette's." Because I get these ad jingles in my head and sing them incessantly. Activia and that singing fish drove Chan crazy this weekend.

If you go to the Shake Shack on the Upper West Side, here's a tip: just order the Shack Attack concrete--it's not on the menu but they know. We found this out accidentally, asking for it, assuming it was on the menu. And like the other SS, the food line was miles long, but the line for cold stuff only had exactly zero people on it. This line is called the C-line uptown, which is confusing since the last time we'd gone to the Madison Square one, it was called the B-line. There's going to be a third Shake Citi Field! Unfortunately, it won't be open yet for the exhibition games against the Red Sox I'll be going to. But that's okay--seven dollars for a few tablespoons is something you should really only do once or twice a year.....but they are damn good.

I swear I saw more Sox stuff than Yankee stuff in the city this weekend. In the vicinity of SS alone, there was a guy with an identical '07 champs shirt to mine, which is a rare one, and the Pedroia twins--one kid with a blue Pedroia shirt and one with a red. And I think the A-Rod shame is trumping the Teixeira pride, causing Yankee fans to just wear their non-denominational clothing.

We've got an unanswered Kwiz. It's really just guessing a number between 1 and 99, so take a stab at it.

Finally, some words we've been dying to hear.


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