Friday, March 06, 2009


Okay, I'm going with the "videos on weekends for people who can't watch videos at work" theory. At least for this weekend. In June of 2005, I saw the Sox play at Philly's new ballpark. I posted video stills at the time (and later, the Millar/Mirabelli butt-grabbing video). But here's some footage I shot of Bronson Arroyo signing autographs. For eight minutes. He's a fan favorite for a reason. [I must warn you: that one Creed song plays for much of this video. While I'm sure Bronson was thinking, "what a perfect soundtrack to this autograph session," I was barfing where everybody barfed back in '05, in my mouth. Not that others were barfing in my know what I meant, roll tape!]

A funny video of outtakes from photo day is here. After a crappy commercial, because, you know, there aren't nearly enough commercials on the page the video is on in the first place.

Jere, just more proof that Bronson is one of the good guys. He did the same thing in Baltimore when I was there a couple of years ago.
This is fabulous, Jere!!!

One of the things that strikes me is I too was there that weekend. I remember one of the ushers telling me that he thought Bronson was great because of all the time he took to sign (since the Phillies usually DIDN'T sign). They were quite impressed with the Red Sox players and the way they interacted with the fans.
Ted D Ballgame: Good to hear.

Cyn: Thanks. That's cool about the usher.

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