Thursday, March 12, 2009

Base Ball To-Day (Sox Lose)

3:29: Two-run dong to win it by Mather for them in the bottom of the ninth. Did I say these announcers weren't horrible? I used to think Hawk Harrelson was unique, but the more I hear other teams' announcers, the more I realize that blatant rooting shit is the norm.

3:15: Another Thurston double contributes to a two-run rally. Good to see Joe succeeding. And now Bowden throws wild to first, so the go-ahead run's on third now, bottom 8. These announcers aren't too horrible, but it's like they can't gauge any batted ball. You can't yell "this one's in the gap!" and then casually mention that the ball is caught. They also make the dreaded "we think you can see the game in your radio" mistake a lot. End 8, 2-2.

2:55: Bowden strikes out the side in the 7th. We go to the 8th, up 2-zip.

2:45: JVE left this game with a sprained ankle. 2-0 us in the 7th.

2:22: 1-0 us after 5 on a Lugo ribbie.

Update, 1:54: Red Sox hitters are trying to get back to Ft. Myers by dinner time. We've swung at the first pitch of the inning every time through four. Beckett gets out of the fourth after a lead-off double by ol' pal Joe Thurston. No runs through four inning for him. 0-0 going to the fifth. Also, this game's on the Cardinals network, and they just talked about some stores that offers "concretes"! (Really thick shakes.) So they're not just at Shake Shack in NYC...


Beckett against the Cards, 1:05 today. Audio only, but tomorrow night we play the Yanks on NESN. In case you missed it, CC stunk for them yesterday.

And the last kwiz was finally answered--more info about Yaz wearing #45 there.


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