Thursday, March 05, 2009

Aprod To Miss His Month?

Mr. April may be getting the ol' Eddie Van Halen special--hip surgery. If so, A-Rod would be out ten weeks and miss his favorite month to rack up the meaningless home runs.

Good news for the rest of the AL East if this is true--just as long as he's back in the lineup by October.

Looks like we might have to wait until June to shake our Tic Tacs at him.

Jere, I just heard the cyst injection related? Who knows? AWW.
is it wrong that still, to this day, whenever i hear 'eddie van halen' i think of his role in bill and ted's catch 22?- and that's why we need a triumphant video, and that's why we need eddie van halen...
Sometimes when I see George Carlin I think of him introducing Jim Martin of the Faith No More Spiritual and Theological Association or whatever.

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