Friday, February 20, 2009

World Series

Open this link in a new window to see the World Series winners/losers and read along while I recite them with my eyes covered in the video below. Interactive fun!

I looked at my fingers when closed together, and that slight space is just there between the knuckles. But I was really pressing against my eyes, so I think that proves they were closed underneath anyway. And then when I watch this, it almost appears as if my head is moving back and forth, like I'm reading. I just couldn't get it to really definitively show my eyes were closed. I forgot to show that my ears had no earpiece in there, either. Damn. I guess I'll just have to come to your house and do it...
Hello, baseball idiot savant. Just kidding. I believe you completely...for the naysayers, maybe you shouldn't have faced the screen, but you had to face the camera. Good stuff, Jere.
You and Kim are welcome at my house anytime. Enjoy your weekend.

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