Wednesday, February 04, 2009


When I entered the Yanks/Monster/Roof Deck drawing, I secretly hoped I'd win the Yanks one. I've never had Roof Deck interest, and I seem to win Monster every year (usually as a second-chance winner), so I've done that a lot--besides, I can go up there before every game with a 15-dollar RSN membership, which I'll probably do.

Anyway, the Yanks drawing was first, and I just got me email today. I won! It's for ONE Yankee game OR Opening Day. Hmmmmm....I have two Yankee games already through my 10-game plan. Then again, Opening Day has never specifically appealed to me in any year other than one following a championship. Those were the two times I "OD'd." I always get the second game of the year as part of my plan anyway, so what's the difference? I can wait one day. But then again, I've already got the two other Yankee games. We'll see. Hopefully someone I know also wins and we can do both. My mom's been very lucky lately.

Good luck to everybody....

My brother got the email. He's probably going to get to one of the Yankee games. But he'll be at a chess tournament when tickets first go on sale...

Well, I hope he wins.

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