Sunday, February 08, 2009

Who Made You Leader?

Brian and I met up in New Haven for a midnight showing of The Warriors. He had a great idea to make it an interactive experience, and we pulled it off. I won't tell you what it is--I'll wait until he posts the video of it on GooTube. (Update: Here it is.)

On my way to NH, I listened to my old friend the FAN, and boy were Yankee fans whiny today! It was all, "why can't they ever pick on the Red Sox???" And instead of the venom reserved for Barry Bonds, it was "oh, I'm just sad disappointed," and, "it's sad for baseball" and "look, everyone was doing it." Not one Yankee fan called up to say "I'm just as angry at A-Rod as I am at Bonds and all his records should be taken away." You know what they should get? An asterisk: Fan who doesn't stand for cheating.* ( * = unless it's by their own team)

"If, if, if" has been the Yanke mantra since 2004. There's no "we fucked up." It's all, "well, what if your side did this?" Can you imagine if, in any year before 2004, I was sitting in Yankee Stadium, and everyone around me was chanting "1918," and I tried to say to them, "yeah, well, what if YOUR team hadn't won since 1918??" Wouldn't have gotten me very far.

Yankee fans these days must be looking through rose colored pinstriped glasses. AROID...what an idiot, and in his 2003 MVP year, too!
Hi Jere, Just zipped thru your book Dirty Water, could't put it down, great stuff. Congrats, BrianO
Thanks! Wow, the coveted "couldn't put it down" review--that makes me very happy.

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