Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Wha?

Yeah, I could get on 'em for the awkward "put Boston over Toronto" line. And I could get on 'em for the odd "after hitting the winning RBI" line. And I could get on 'em for not hyphenating "early season." But I won't.

However, the line " a early..." is unforgivable. This was the first story that popped up on the front page of earlier today. Was this whole thing translated from German? Does the person who writes this stuff sit alone in a room, dashing off hundreds of blurbs all day, immediately entering them into the system, without one other person even taking a glance at them before they go public? Seriously, almost any person would've caught this mistake. You could have stepped into the hallway, or into the street, or even into the insane asylum, and just picked any person at random and asked them, "Can you give this a once-over and tell me if I've made any egregious mistakes before I put it on the front page of a major Web site?" I'm sure they'd have been happy to take the 20 seconds to help you out. And 99 out of 100 of them would've said, "Yeah, you're missing an N."

Not a N, an N.


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