Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're Now A Ten-After Team

Red Sox 7:05 games all changed to 7:10.

Hmmm...I don't know what to make of this, except that I'm glad I didn't go through with the post I started on game times of different teams, because I would've had my own team wrong.

I do kind of feel like ":05" is the "classic" time, and now we're becoming a team with a less-desirable time, like the 646 area code in Manhattan, or when they switched the high school to 90218 in a Beverly Hills 90210 sketch on SNL. "Thank you, Superintendant Collier..."

Their reasoning is that it gives more time for fans to get to their seats after a work day--but then they note that the Saturday games (which were also 7:05, now 7:10) were also changed, for consistency. How about this, play the Saturday game in the freakin' daytime again! It's the weekend! They also want more of a pre-game on TV and radio. I wonder if they're just trying to add to their ratings on the backside.

I feel like the last thing people want with these long games is to have their times pushed back. Then again, games started at 7:30 when I was little (the Yanks were 8:00), so they're still ending sooner than they used to. Well, maybe not always. I will say, you do see a lot of people milling around in the first inning.

Oh, crap, this means five less minutes in a box seat before the actual seat-holder kicks you out!

PS Did it sound natural when I said "on the backside," as if it were really a TV term? I just meant, you know, maybe they get credit for an entire half hour if the broadcast goes beyond the top or bottom of an hour, meaning a game that used to end at 10:29 now ends after 10:30, and the ratings count through 11? I don't know, I'm just looking for answers. God, Tony Mazz would be REALLY bored reading this post....

No, Tony Mazz would just say, "In the wake of the Red Sox cataclysmic failure to lure prized, Greek God free agent Mark Teixiera to Boston, the team announced yesterday that they would push the start time of home games back five minutes to allow all Red Sox fans to reflect on the fact that, once again, Team Steinbrenner got their man, while Team Henry twiddled its thumbs, trying to find an extra $10million..."

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