Thursday, February 05, 2009

Too Easy

Tickets for the opening series, lots of different sections, side-by-side seats, available now. Other April games, too. You'll get the "high volume" message, but just keep clicking "continue." Obviously, Opening Day excluded here, as that's lottery only. But again, I'm not talkin' about single or obstructed view seats (though those are still available for almost every game all season.)

Please check out my interview with Tony Malinosky, the oldest living former major leaguer.

And also, tomorrow night (Friday) at 7, I'll be at Front Street books in Scituate, MA. Come get a book signed!

Oh yeah, and a day after I read a huge article on Truck Day around the majors that was the lead headline on every team's site, the geniuses at Extra Bases come out with the line, "we're not certain if Truck Day is unique to New England...." Not certain? Look it up! Got the internet over there at the Globe?

Hey Jere

Since I just posted on JoS about Allan's book, I figured I'd better mosey on over here and leave you a comment about "Dirty Water" as well!

Finished reading it a couple days after it came in the mail - it was excellent! Just haven't gotten around to giving you and your mom kudos on a fine, well-written book. Was a good, thought out plot which kept me interested, and the inclusion of the Sox was fun for me too, but it was all around a good mystery book. Would make for a good film - but you know how they butcher those!

Looking forward to another!
I appreciate it, Tim. Thanks so much. We are talking about another. We'll see what happens.

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