Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tix Stuff

Got the rejection letter on the Monster lottery today. But it seems like I always win the second chance drawing on that one.

As for tickets overall, a week or so ago, they took down the T's on all weekend games, except for the first and last ones of the season. I know they've got seats left for those games, because I'd been checking, and they still had a lot of sections for sale right before their T's came down, so they probably just pulled 'em, and will dump 'em back in later. Keep your eyes open. As for the weekday games, still plenty of singles and obstructed views left. And plenty of standing room--I'm telling you, you buy four $25 pavilion standing room and just chill out way up there on a summer night with three friends, and you're golden.

As for Amalie's video where she says there are nine April and May games left with tickets available--it's 13. I'm wondering if the management (from which she's relaying the "news") was thinking they took off that first weekend series, plus Patriots' Day. Subtract those 4 from 13 and get 9. But it's 13--Pats' Day, the first April weekend series, plus the other nine weekday games besides Opening Day. And, like I said, you've also got all the other weekday games (plus that last weekend), besides Yanks games, through the end of the season.

I feel like people are gonna see Lucchino in his red hat with the socks on it and mention how he's got the "new" hat, not realizing that the "hanging sox" logo has been isolated on hats and things for years, it just was never used on the uniform. Larry's been wearing that hat for years. I've definitely seen people online being very confused about the history of the logo. I've been wearing my "hanging sox" hat since well before they decided to have the team wear them, too--and I fear people will see me and think I'm following the trend or something. However, yesterday, some kids came to my door selling something yesterday, and said he liked my "old school" hat. So now I don't know what to think. Except that I shouldn't think so much about this.

I just did a search on my book, and I found a library is doing a discussion group about it! I checked the date--the 18th at 7 PM. That's right now! So, sorry, I guess it's too late to go, but I hope people showed up and are having fun talking baseball. Wow, right now a group of people are discussing something I did. That's so weird.

[Update: my mom called that library (in Ledyard, CT) and they said they had a good group there. So, if you were at tonight's event, and it's your first time at this blog, welcome.]

I led the discussion tonight on your book and spoke with your mother. You may think it is amazing to have someone discuss your book, but we thought it was pretty amazing to have one of the authors call during our discussion!
Haha! Cool.

I just wish I had seen that article earlier so I could have promoted it. So funny that I found it while the event was in progress. (I also had no idea my mom would actually call you!)
A question I forgot to ask your mother on the phone. Are the names of the Red Sox bars in NYC actual real places. I think we had a participant that wanted to check them out.
Very real! All the Sox bars I mentioned in the book are real places, though the only ones I've actually been to are the ones in NYC. Tell them to head to Thom's any time during the baseball season--they'll be welcomed with open arms. My mom and I even did a signing there right when the book came out, last October, on the night of a Sox playoff game.

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