Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts On the Canine/Equine Show

The one thing A-Rod asks is that we judge him from this day forward. Okay, then you've got zero home runs. But you had no rings so you don't lose anything there....

Why did he keep saying he was 24? He turned 24 in July of '99. Even Joel Sherman can tell you that's sixty-seven years before 2001.

The worst part of this whole thing is how he won't admit he cheated, but then, when asked why he kept his three years of injections a secret, he said he knew he wasn't taking Tic-Tacs. He acts like he didn't know he was doing anything wrong, but then says a line like that. After an awesome, long pause, complete with extended "holy shit, you got me" face.

And as to my original question, it appears he admitted to taking the stuff (bought and by administered by his nameless "cousin") well into 2003. He got his little epiphany in bed in spring training of '03, but then kept taking this stuff, which said he didn't even know how to use, or whether or not it was working. And which he took for three years.

He also said he used "Rip Fuel" in Seattle.

What a comical travesty. It was fun, though.
Completely agree. Why not bring your cousin? Why not fess up to actually cheating? Why do I care about if this idiot did PEDs?
OK I get it... dog and pony show.

You really drew me in with the blog title! I was thinking what is my cousin Jere writing about canines and equines?

I'm embarassed to say that you got me on that one.
I still screwed it up, though, because I should have said "small equine" to specify pony.

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