Sunday, February 01, 2009


Know what this is? More pics of it soon.

a sign frame?
I'm hoping it's not part of a wooden roller coaster. Looks a little unsafe, if so.
Kara got it. And it was quite unsafe!
Kara beat me to it. Rocky Point?
I was about to say "yup," and then I realized, Oh wait, Rocky Point is the other one, the one we're gonna do "next time."

This was Lincoln Park.
Oh my- I thought I was being funny! That's nuts. Don't go on it. I still have never been on the "Yankee Cannonball" at Canobie.
I just looked up Lincoln Park (since I'm not familiar with it). It sounds look a really cool place to take pics. Is there much left of it? Wikipedia says that the current site is being considered for a housing project.
There's a lot left. Crazy how it's been in that state for so long.

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